Sunday, 6 December 2009


Finally I am completely happy with my project, Ive created the cameras from the cardboard nets and next stage is to test and see if they are going to be easy to take my photographs, if they are too hard, which my tutor suggested then not to worry at least I tried. If that is the case then I shall be using standard digital SLR's. I've been thinking about mounting two video camera's and seeing if they work as well. This will be something that I shall be testing over the Christmas holidays. I shall create a few simple experiments to see which is the best option. I've also done some research into how to view my piece, Ive found a very interesting website that shows how to create an eco-friendly stereoscopic viewer. This viewer will allow the audience to see the images on a screen, which I think would be interesting as an installation. It's a beginning idea, so Im not sure if that will be the final outcome of the project, research time!


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