Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Architectural Projection Mapping

During my feedback for the PGC phase me and Simon (tutor) talked about trying to find my context for my project. We talked about what the government are eager to fund to help raise any interest within the city of Nottingham.

We talked about trying to make people aware of some of the history Nottingham has to offer. We also talked about buildings and how they can change through time ie WWII Bombings etc.

This made me think about projecting motion graphics onto buildings and using 3d mapping to make it seem "real" a good way to explain what i mean is by looking at this

This made me think about what buildings have history in Nottingham. Obviously I could chose somewhere other than Nottingham but I'd like to have something people can walk to during our MA exhibition, I have even thought about maybe doing more than one building and having some sort of map to help guide people to the different buildings.

One building that springs to mind is the Paul Smith shop in the city centre, Paul Smith is renowned for having a great interest with Nottingham Trent students so hopefully this could be a good idea, When i return to Nottingham in the new year I will search for more buildings. I have taken a few snaps of Paul Smiths building so at least I can experiment with that over the holidays.


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