Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Future?

An interesting way of communicating a story, could it be a flash in the pan? I'll keep my eye out for more things like this

Its Nice That

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Project Projection

By doing even a quick search on youtube i have found an amazing video, which is a great example of what can be done.

In terms of my old idea with the lenticular and stereoscopic techniques, I have developed the idea in terms of...well the lenticular idea was to show two differences/oppositions ie the lie and the truth. So with this development I am thinking about the oppositions I can project onto the buildings, a simple example can be how the building has changed throughout the years.

A basic idea I thought of was finding buildings that used to be very busy that are now boarded up due to factors like the recession and project how it used to look with lots of customers etc.

Architectural Projection Mapping

During my feedback for the PGC phase me and Simon (tutor) talked about trying to find my context for my project. We talked about what the government are eager to fund to help raise any interest within the city of Nottingham.

We talked about trying to make people aware of some of the history Nottingham has to offer. We also talked about buildings and how they can change through time ie WWII Bombings etc.

This made me think about projecting motion graphics onto buildings and using 3d mapping to make it seem "real" a good way to explain what i mean is by looking at this

This made me think about what buildings have history in Nottingham. Obviously I could chose somewhere other than Nottingham but I'd like to have something people can walk to during our MA exhibition, I have even thought about maybe doing more than one building and having some sort of map to help guide people to the different buildings.

One building that springs to mind is the Paul Smith shop in the city centre, Paul Smith is renowned for having a great interest with Nottingham Trent students so hopefully this could be a good idea, When i return to Nottingham in the new year I will search for more buildings. I have taken a few snaps of Paul Smiths building so at least I can experiment with that over the holidays.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

PGC Review

So I am at the end of the PGC phase and now my work is moving into the PGD part of the MA. My project has began to create itself due to action research and now things are moving on fast. Through my Learning Agreement I have discussed that I want to blend two technique of classic photography ie stereoscopic and lenticular in the medium of moving image to create a series of animations portraying a message to a wide audience. As my research grows I hope that i shall be able to meet photographers and motion graphic designers within the industry to discuss my idea and get knowledge from them.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Olly Moss

Olly Moss has created some stunning re-makes of famous film posters. I generally like the simplicity of the design. If you are familiar with each film you can see how the poster depicts the film in the one image. Thanks to the art direction project we did earlier this year I have been able to apply my knowledge from that to dissect and analyse each poster.

To view the entire collection please visit this webste:

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Battery Love

Battery Love from Oscar Höglund on Vimeo.

3D Glasses On

This is a really cool video, quite similar to what I want to do, I can see how they've created it using knowledge form the "Backwards Brief."

Nice Blog

I'm not sure how to follow this blog, there seems to be no button, it looks really interesting and I think I would learn a lot form it, so here is a link to remind myself how to find it..

Vampire Weekend

As a fan I enjoyed this video, but one thing that I noticed that i really like is the transition used from 1:48 - 2:03

It is a use of match-on-action, something that I have been thinking about with my project. If im to create these
stereoscopic images, I want two objects that are a similar in shape and size to transition, the transition will be
hard to notice, but when it is noticed will be much appreciated.


I have created an unofficial music video for the artist Crystal Castle’s and their video Love & Caring. The reason I did this was because the song is about the binary oppositions between love and hate. I wanted to show the opposition in a video, it was also appealing to me because of my idea of lenticualr imagery and wanting to portray two juxtaposed messages in one medium. This is how I came up with the idea of good vs evil. My video was to blend two situations, one good, one evil and see how the viewers emotion of them was confused. I used very old footage from the 1930’s from a website that allows you to use them with full copyright licensing. This allowed me to learn about copyright laws.

If you would like to view the video you can either access it from my website, or go directly using the following link:


Finally I am completely happy with my project, Ive created the cameras from the cardboard nets and next stage is to test and see if they are going to be easy to take my photographs, if they are too hard, which my tutor suggested then not to worry at least I tried. If that is the case then I shall be using standard digital SLR's. I've been thinking about mounting two video camera's and seeing if they work as well. This will be something that I shall be testing over the Christmas holidays. I shall create a few simple experiments to see which is the best option. I've also done some research into how to view my piece, Ive found a very interesting website that shows how to create an eco-friendly stereoscopic viewer. This viewer will allow the audience to see the images on a screen, which I think would be interesting as an installation. It's a beginning idea, so Im not sure if that will be the final outcome of the project, research time!