Sunday, 29 November 2009


For my project I have been looking at the idea of using a stereoscopic mount to mount 2 cameras to then be able to create this sense of 3D in an image. In terms of motion graphics Im thinking of creating a stereoscopic stop motion animation. I have also decided that the cameras I shall use should be created by myself as well...this is when I stumbled upon Martin Pilný, Mirek Kolář and Richard Vyškovský' Dirkon camera, "the dirkon camera." I shall be creating two of these, these will be the technology I use to take my photographs. If I want to use natural moving objects I shall have to make sure that I get it 24 fps. I feel that I want to create a series of different events. The events I want to be somehow revealing the truth something that I feel is currently foggy to members of the public, in a sense showing how propaganda was false. This is how I want to try and still keep the technique of lenticular imagery. I feel as my research grows I shall then pin-point what the "meat" of my main course shall be. I shall be using modern technology to edit the images. This use of both modern and old technology will reflect the oppositions of false and truth.

Saturday, 28 November 2009


These last few days have been very good in terms of progress for my project. I've began some mock-ups for my actual idea of lenticular imagery. My learning journal is now complete and I have collated a lot of research. Now to think about creating my presentation. After a good seminar on friday I have a more in-depth knowledge of past examples and have created my own presentation plan. By the end of this week I shall have posted my full bibliography of research already found, the next 10 days shall be interesting.

Monday, 23 November 2009

23/11/09 Tutorial

So todays tutorial I feel went really well, I have completely narrowed my idea down. I am going to create a series of lenticular pieces to help portray the truth about a "foggy" message. My first thought is to do a take on the whole STD message. Very similar the the current ads where people have the name of a disease on say a t-shirt or belt buckle. But with this technique of lenticular imagery I will be able to portray it in a more stronger way. STD's may not be my final content, this week I will be producing 10 simple examples to see what works and what doesn't. Fingers crossed.

Art Direction

So after the art direction project I have learnt how to analyze a piece of advertising, try to see how the designer got to where they did, what brief they were given/gave themselves. I decided to use Lissitzky's "Beat the whites with the red wedge," a piece of soviet propaganda made in 1919. We disected it and looked at the semiotics, its signs and symbols. I feel it was a good piece to look at as the main messages is used with the shapes and direction. With doing this piece I can see how important it was to get the signs and symbols right for people to understand his message. I will apply this knowledge with my own work so that I know when I try to portray a specific message, I do.

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Looking at the idea of communicating a message to a wide audience I have stumbled upon op-art. I like the method of lenticular imaging, I would like to try and portray two different messages in one project using this idea of lenticular imagery. The message will be current. I will have to research into lenticular imagery and see if I can apply this method to film.

Website V2.0



History of the shoe, Literal advertising techniques, guerilla advertising, future techniques and methods current target audience,

Audience and context

Runners, Teenagers, Designers, Architecturers', Young Adults, Light shoe, Innuendo's, Comedy.

Executional guidelines

Play on techniques, Communication innuendo's, Playful design. Materials used...Hole Punch Scalpel?

Allows audience to see it on both pages, money saving for advertising brand.

If you were commissioned to design this work yourself

Research processes

Stage 1

History of the shoe

Target audience

Current Trends

Stage 2

Brands history

Current examples

Design processes

Stage 1

Applying research to method and experimenting with different styles.

Stage 2

Developing ideas, testing the technique see if it works.

Relating to my own project?

I feel this is a new way of communicating a single message to a wide audience, the technique used is very modern and isn't dated. I feel that the second image doesn't need any type it helps tell the message on its own behalf. Im thinking of looking into how a different angle of looking at something can change your perception, maybe this piece will look different from one side of the paper to the other. It seems very similar to my idea of op-art, I'm wanting to try create something that looks as if it is there when in reality it isn't.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

New Web

Today will be the first day of creating my new website, the videos take too long to load at the moment so i will be embedding everything using vimeo, hopefully this will mean it will load quicker and allow me to have more videos on there..keep checking to see when its complete,

Monday, 2 November 2009

Day Tripper

Last Thursday was the day my group & I went on a trip to Manchester, we viewed the imperial war museum, the Urbis Centres' "Histroy of hip-hop" exhibition and the Magma book store. All-in-all the day was great I especially enjoyed the imperial war museums' projection. The style of the animation was just the type of thing I am into, which showed me how my style of work may be aimed at a bigger audience that I was aware of. This has given me confidence into going with something I would enjoy more.