Thursday, 19 November 2009



History of the shoe, Literal advertising techniques, guerilla advertising, future techniques and methods current target audience,

Audience and context

Runners, Teenagers, Designers, Architecturers', Young Adults, Light shoe, Innuendo's, Comedy.

Executional guidelines

Play on techniques, Communication innuendo's, Playful design. Materials used...Hole Punch Scalpel?

Allows audience to see it on both pages, money saving for advertising brand.

If you were commissioned to design this work yourself

Research processes

Stage 1

History of the shoe

Target audience

Current Trends

Stage 2

Brands history

Current examples

Design processes

Stage 1

Applying research to method and experimenting with different styles.

Stage 2

Developing ideas, testing the technique see if it works.

Relating to my own project?

I feel this is a new way of communicating a single message to a wide audience, the technique used is very modern and isn't dated. I feel that the second image doesn't need any type it helps tell the message on its own behalf. Im thinking of looking into how a different angle of looking at something can change your perception, maybe this piece will look different from one side of the paper to the other. It seems very similar to my idea of op-art, I'm wanting to try create something that looks as if it is there when in reality it isn't.


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